SP Elbow fixture  45 degrees w. U200 spout

SP Elbow fixture 45 degrees w. U200 spout

Born from the need for a hygiene-friendly and durable fitting, the SP Elbow was the first version of the SP Tap and was designed for use in hospitals and similar institutions. Like the SP fitting, the SP Elbow was designed by Otto Sparre-Petersen, engineer and machine technician at Gentofte Hospital. Otto had become tired of maintaining the old fittings and therefore developed a new and more durable thermostatic valve that could withstand heavy pressure loads. Based on traditional craft, the SP Elbow remains a beloved classic used in public institutions and private homes alike.
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SP Elbow fixture  45 degrees w. U200 spout

The Architect's House

At first glance, the house almost blends itself into the nature around it. It is the clear expression and honest elements of the facade such as the wooden cedar planks and the floor-to-ceiling windows that create a calm expression that blends so beautifully into nature. The traditionally thatched roof creates an evocative exterior for the house which, despite its classic elements, is only 5 years old.