Cross-handle fixture  45 degrees w. Ø200 spout

Cross-handle fixture 45 degrees w. Ø200 spout

It hardly comes as a surprise that Danish architects such as Henning Larsen and Jørn Utzon—known for their simple and sculptural visual language—swore by the Cross-handle tap. As its name suggests, the fitting is characterized by an unpretentious, cross-shaped handle which, over time, has become a fixture in many world-renowned buildings. It is not exactly known who manufactured the first design for the Cross-handle but over time, other manufacturers have launched their own versions. At TONI Copenhagen, we stick to the handle’s original design, as seen at Marienlyst Castle in Helsingør, Churchill College in Cambridge and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Riyadh.
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Cross-handle fixture  45 degrees w. Ø200 spout

The Architect's House

At first glance, the house almost blends itself into the nature around it. It is the clear expression and honest elements of the facade such as the wooden cedar planks and the floor-to-ceiling windows that create a calm expression that blends so beautifully into nature. The traditionally thatched roof creates an evocative exterior for the house which, despite its classic elements, is only 5 years old.